Dr Alex Phare

Dr Phare is the Practice Principal of the clinic and has undertaken extensive studies in Skin Cancer obtaining a Master of Medicine Skin Cancer degree from the University of Queensland.

Dr Phare is also an experienced General Practitioner with an additional degree in Medical Biochemistry.

Dr Michael Abbott

Dr Abbott began his health career as a Clinical Pharmacist, moving from Melbourne to Gippsland in 2007, graduating in Medicine from Monash University in 2014.

Dr Abbott has worked in both hospitals and General Practices across Gippsland after receiving a scholarship to remain in the area. He has chosen to settle in Traralgon to work as a General Practitioner and in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Dr Abbott has completed Skin Cancer training courses with Healthcert in association with Bond University

Samantha Riddle

Samantha is a Division 1 Registered Nurse and Nurse Dermoscopist.

She successfully completed a 2 year Graduate Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland, a worldwide centre of excellence in skin cancer medicine.

Samantha is trained in the detection, analysis and diagnosis of skin lesions and skin cancers including BCC, SCC and malignant melanoma.


10 Hazelwood Road
Traralgon, Victoria 3844

03 4114 0210
FAX : 03 51740581 or
FAX : 03 4148 8660

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5 pm
Closed 12:15-12:45pm Tues/Fridays

What's New:

The repeat prescription page is fixed and working.

We are now taking bookings for booster doses of adult Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and for also Pfizer vaccinations for children aged 5 years and older.

If you have a cold, a cough, a fever, feel short of breath or have a sore throat, diarrhoea or vomiting please do not come in to the clinic - phone iSpot Clinic first so your condition can be managed appropriately.

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