Request Repeat Prescription

Use this form to request a repeat prescription of a medication which has already been prescribed by Dr Phare at iSpot Clinic. Conditions apply as below:

  • Requests for repeat narcotics or drugs of dependance will not be processed via web requests
  • This service is for repeats of long term medications like blood pressure medications, not short term medicines like standard courses of antibiotics
  • If the doctor has not seen you for a long time, the doctor may decline the request and ask you to attend.
  • There is a handling fee of $15 per request, but this can cover multiple medications without extra charge. This fee is paid upon collection of the prescription.
  • If you would prefer to avoid this fee, phone the clinic and ask for a 'Prescription Only' short appointment - these are bulk billed.
  • Prescriptions will be available for collection at reception one or two business days after your request is recieved.
  • You may be asked to confirm your identity when you collect your prescription.

Important Privacy Notice
The information sent to us in this form is not encrypted, we suggest you do not use this form if privacy is essential for you.


Repeat Script Request :
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Please do not enter a 'Yahoo' address in the email field - this will cause your request to arrive blank. If your main email is with yahoo and you cannot enter a different email address, then please type in that field.

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