Skin Check

Two out of three Australians will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime.
We recommend that most adults have a comprehensive skin check at regular intervals.

Dermatoscope A type of hand-held microscope used to examine skin lesions. Skin Cancer doctors use the patterns shown on dermoscopy to diagnose skin lesions and skin cancers.

We also use high resolution digital dermoscopy to view, analyse and store images of skin lesions when appropriate.

Skin checks are conducted by the doctor in a warm, private room. Usually patients undress but leave their underwear on, if you wish skin normally covered by underwear can be checked. Checks of a limited area or a single spot can be done if required, but complete checks are recommended.

It is very common for adults to have skin cancers that they are not aware of, sometimes because the lesion is in an awkard location, or they have lesions that they have mistakenly thought were trivial or harmless.

Changed or New Lesions

Please advise the doctor of any particular lesions you are concerned about or lesions that have changed. Some skin cancers are found only by a history of change.

Before your skin check...

Please bring a list of your medication if you take any.
If possible please remove nail varnish from fingers and toes.
Do not wear any make up or foundation, moisturiser or sunscreen is fine. Ideally please wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to remove.

Melanoma under nails

As melanoma can occur under finger and toe nails, we encourage patients to attend with their nails uncovered if possible. Melanoma under a nail may present as a continious line of pigment extending from the nail fold all the way out to the end of the nail.

Melanoma in the Eye

Melanoma can occur on any skin, including that of the eye. Regular eye checks with an optometrist are recommended for all Australians. If you find you have a new or changing eye lesion please advise Dr Phare.

Acral Melanoma

Melanoma can occur on the thick skin of the hands and feet, the 'acral skin'. In these areas in can have an atypical appearance. Skin Cancer doctors and dermatologists are trained to identify these lesions.


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