Consultation Fees

iSpot Skin Cancer Clinic is a private clinic. We do not bulk bill Skin Checks. Fees apply to most consultations.

In 2023 Medicare raised rebates for consultations by about 3.6%. Despite high inflation and rising healthcare provision costs, we recognise these are difficult times for everyone and will not increase our consultation fees this year. This means your gap / out of pocket fee after rebate has fallen this year.

Fee Rebate Gap
Brief Check
1-3 lesions only
$65 $18.85 $46.15
Standard Skin Check $125 $41.20 $83.80
Longer Skin Check
( 20 minutes or longer)
$170 $79.70 $90.30
Prolonged Skin Check
( 40+ minutes, rare )
$250 $117.40 $132.60

Gap fees apply for all biopsies and excisions for all patients except DVA Gold Card / White Card in some circumstances as per the bottom of this page.

Brief Checks of 1-3 Lesions are not recommended for persons who have not had a full skin check in the last 18 months with Dr Phare or a Consultant Dermatologist. We have seen too many people who tell us they only have one spot of concern, only to find they are unaware of a melanoma or other skin cancer elsewhere. Brief checks / short consultations are preferred when a lesion needs to be reviewed a few months after a person's skin check, or 1-2 new lesions of concern are found between routine skin checks.

We may not have time to do a full skin check if you book a short appointment then change your mind during the consultation.

DVA patients :
We do not accept DVA 'bulk billed' payments for consultations, skin checks, partial biopsies or surgical removal of harmless seborrhoeic keratoses.

DVA patients may choose to be seen as fully private patients with no rebate, or may choose to be seen as Medicare patients in which case they will be charged the same as other patients and if they have a valid Medicare card will recieve a partial rebate from Medicare.

Full excisions of lesions ( except harmless seborrhoeic keratoses) are still bulk billed for DVA patients with a DVA Gold Card or White Card with relevent conditions